7 Ways to Stay Sane with Kids

I’m going to assume that you’re reading this from a locked bathroom while your children try to break down the door. Lockdown is getting to us all, and the day-in day-out, nowhere to go parenting is proving to be a challenge. Moonface could spend 24/7 repeating the same game, but my sanity does not cope well with being frozen and unfrozen over and over and over. A Mum-friend of mine is always telling me that preparation and pre-organisation is key to fun packed activities…unfortunately, organisation is not my strength. That being said, here are some of the activities I’ve found to help me through the monotony.

  1. Lockdown Art Gallery.

Everyday we sit down and spend a good 30/45 mins cutting out, sticking and colouring. We then add this to her bedroom art gallery! She loves having us fuss over her and having pride in her ‘art’! This works for me because it fills time everyday and all you need is crayons and something to draw on (when you can’t be bothered to go full craft-mother).

  1. Gardening. 

If nothing else this forces them outside and gets them some vitamin D! We do everything from weeding and planting to simple watering. We get wet and muddy and look at all the birds and creepy crawlies! It inevitably ends up with a good runabout in the garden…gets ‘em nice and tired.

  1. Baking. 

This is a high calorie, high mess situation but it’s always worth it. For minimal mess I suggest you make our white chocolate lemon Krispie cakes, or if you don’t care about mess our Simple Fudgy Brownies are uncomplicated and great for making with children.

  1. Obstacle Courses. 

This is fab for getting them outdoors, doing something creative and wearing them out. We pull together all sorts of toys and things to run around, jump over and hop across. Half the fun is making the course! It kills a good chunk of our time.

  1. Baby Spa. 

We do this once a week. We put candles on, play some zen music and we do yoga, paint nails and eat fruit. It’s incredible how much restraint small children have with wet nails! It’s also a great reward/bribe for good behaviour!

  1. Solo playing. 

We’re using this as an opportunity to teach Moonface to play on her own. She’s the baby of the family so constantly has our attention as well as from her extended family! I’ve read that it’s super-important for children to learn how to entertain themselves to build creativity, concentration and resilience. It also helps Mummy not go cuckoo with boredom. So Moonface plays for at least 45 mins solo every morning and afternoon whilst we get jobs done.


We’re obviously watching more TV than normal. Once a week we do a movie arvo, this is well supported by Disney+. We make a ‘nest’ on the sofa, get snacks and snuggle up! This is usually dependent enough on how much outdoor time we’ve had through the week, but by Friday (our movie day) I’m pretty desperate for some time to zone out.

Let’s face it there are thousands of awesome parenting blogs out there. I’m just here to let you know I can’t be bothered either! I don’t have the mind space to pre-plan activities, I get bored reenacting Disney films too and quite frankly I just need to sit on the sofa for an hour guilt free watching mindless tv. Let’s not beat ourselves up, let’s just survive this and if everyone is being fed and rested then count ourselves as winners.

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