Meet the Maker

We thought this was a good time to share with you why we started Grow. Eat. Live. This is a bit of a harrowing tale but I assure you it ends happily…ish.

Six months ago today, my contractions started seven weeks early. It had been a rough fortnight. My waters broke two weeks earlier and I’d been in-and-out of hospital ever since so we were ecstatic to say hello to our second little girl. It was an amazing day, and despite being breach she arrived easily thanks to our amazing midwives.

Later that afternoon in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) we were told Georgiana Isabella Dekkers probably had a genetic condition. The following weeks were filled with tests, terror and tears. They were also filled with new friends, milestones and love. From the day she was born Georgie was alert, engaged and loved my singing. It was incredible for a baby who was so premature and the doctors and nurses made such a connection with her. All of our family came to visit us and to meet our perfect, precious little star.

We said goodbye to Georgie over five torturous, euphoric, surreal days. It was…is, indescribably horrendous. The unbelievable love and our desire to save her was matched only by how incredibly powerless we were. Thankfully our family supported us all and allowed us to focus our energy on Georgie, even during  their own pain. We are forever grateful to them.

During the aftermath while we were in shock, we were desperate to give meaning to Georgie’s life and to do things that made us happy: eating, being outdoors and spending time as a family – that’s how this all started.

Grow. Eat. Live. has continued to provide distraction and purpose. It has given us a creative outlet and it has forced us to focus on what matters, what makes us happy, and to connect with wonderful people that we never would’ve crossed paths with otherwise! Our main goal is to continue to find joy everyday and to share and exchange that happiness with our wonderful community. 

Thank you all for your part in this difficult journey.

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