Our Allotment

In October 2016, we got our hands on our very first allotment. Not the best time of year to get started – though it did at least come with a prepared crop. Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do with chickweed, so we spent days on our hands and knees laboriously removing every last shoot in the cold and damp.

We’ve learnt a lot since then (like how much time and sanity can be saved by using a rotorvater), and have had some great successes as well as some depressing failures. We’ve discovered that we’re master beetroot growers, and that every carrot that touches our soil is doomed to a slow, agonising death. We’ve learnt how to scavenge, build and adapt, and how to succession plant (the month of 100 beetroot taught us that lesson). But no two growing seasons are the same, and every day spent up there remains a school day.

Follow us on our horticultural journey. We promise to share the failures as well as the successes, and hope that you find something to inspire you – or at the very least that makes you chuckle.


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