Creativity is my Medication

I would describe myself as a creative person. Nothing gives me greater satisfaction than turning ideas into reality. The problem is that my ability to execute ideas is hindered by my lack of skill, attention to detail and patience. This usually leads to me giving up halfway through a project or ending up with something so disappointing I’m put off crafty projects for months afterwards. This is best summed up by my attempt to wrap presents.

That said, something I’ve learnt to appreciate this year are the healing powers of the process of creation. When I was diagnosed with depression earlier in the year I reupholstered a chair, I tarted up the garden, and I baked. Having things to do, plans to make, meant I didn’t have time to listen to all the nasty things I was telling myself. Creativity was my medication of choice. It focused my mind and reminded me of my worth when I felt worthless. Now that chair is falling apart, the garden is covered in weeds and that cake… Well the cake was great, and now I have creativity in my arsenal anytime those dark feelings rear their ugly heads.

So here is this year’s Christmas Wreath, made with friends and lots of laughter.

Is it perfect? No. Does it make me happy every time I look at it? Yes. So perhaps when you’re feeling low, find a colouring book, dance or bake. Know that you are able to create, you are powerful and you can still put positivity out there… even if you aren’t feeling it.

1 thought on “Creativity is my Medication”

  1. This looks lovely to me! And very true about creativity as a medication. I’D NEVER THOUGHT OF IT THAT WAY BEFORE BUT When our daughter was still Born 7 years ago, making Christmas decorations to sell for sands helped get me back on my feet when everything all seemed a bit pointless. GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR VENTURE, IT LOOKS AMAZING AND SOME GORGEOUS RECIPES!


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